The Reality of Dreams and Nightmares

That time arrived, the time of torment and courage. What you may ask is this time? Well this time in society is called ‘sleep’ but to me I call it ‘out of reality’. I started to count the numbers from one until I sleep, some nights I remember counting up to 503. But this night was strange I stopped count at ten as I recall and then bang I was in the torment I was trying to avoid.
It was seven thirty in the morning and my mother woke me up saying that it was time for school. Just two more years I kept saying to myself. I started to wonder at this point, would death be easier then living the next two years? I say yes but I can not leave now or ever really until it is my time. What stops me from committing suicide is one thing not the pleasures of this world, education, wealth its family and friends. I can not begin to imagine what they will be going through if I persist with this plan of mine but is that enough to stop me.
I eventually was forced to go attend school even though I put up are great fight not to. The school day overall was just as any other day would be but I say that in an awful way. Lately at school I have been physical and verbally been bullied at school, it does not just end there it continues even in the place I used to think was safe and no one should reach me but I was wrong once again. That so called safe haven was by bedroom. That night I faced the laptop and was surfing the web when an advertisement appeared. It was advertising this chatroom something like facebook and msn messenger. I went to that chatroom and I couldn’t believe what popped up in front me. It was all starting again after so much progress. There was a conversation open between some of my class mates and they were speaking about me.
The events after this as I recall were a blur. I remember running to the garage and getting a suitcase to pack my belongings in. Where I was going I had no idea but I couldn’t stay here with this happening all over again. Once again some people...