Health Psychology

Health Psychology Committee Report
By: Merissa Cochran

Date: August 29, 2010

Instructor: Sherry Williams

Class: HCA/250

Health Psychology Committee Report

The health psychology committee is designed and committed to better the health of patients and assist the patients in getting the shortest hospital stay, while improving the hospitals performance with respect to following the appropriate protocols. The committee has established a new department of psychiatry which will employ five specialists who will be responsible for addressing specific interest of a wide-ranging population and they will assist the hospital in treating the “whole” patient.

      The psychology committee has sought to address a key issue facing individuals who are facing a hospital stay- that is, an overriding fear of hospitals. One of the most major fears that adults and children face is the fear of hospitals according to the Child Development Institute (2008). The fear of hospitals often manifests itself in stress, which can make the illnesses or ailments worse. Stress impacts the immune system and psychological interventions can help the patient’s to develop coping skills to avoid or eliminate these stressors (Sarafino, 2006).

The committee’s goal is to reduce the stress for patients, enhance their health, and increase compliances by the patient with treatment programs and shorten hospital stays by incorporating psychology into health care. The patient will additionally be provided with coping strategies that will help them cope with their illness both inside and outside of the hospital.

Overview of the Program

The Health Psychology Committee program will include services of five psychologists in the division of psychiatry. The positions are: Child Psychology, Substance Abuse Counselors, Pain management specialist, inpatient-only psychologist, and adult psychologist. The specialist will work with individual patients to coordinate with the physicians and other...