Operations Management

Unit 2 Assignment

Jasmine Good

Kaplan University

MT 435-01 Operations Management

Toney Ferguson

Unit 2 Assignment

Chameleons are members of the reptile family; creatures with more than 100 recognized species who have “developed some of the most highly specialized skills of any animal on the planet,” (Cornett, n.d.). They can move their eyes independently of each other, but people recognize them for their famous ability to change color and popular belief is that the color change is a defense mechanism allowing them to blend with the background. This is not true. Chameleons are naturally colored to blend in with their habitat. Each species of chameleons have clearly different color patterns they change to signify specific reactions and/or changes in emotional states (Meller’s chameleon, n.d.) allowing them noticeably communicate with their peers a possible need to carefully observe their surrounding, and/or make some changes or adaptations to their surroundings and/or communications with one another. Operations managers are the chameleons of the corporate world in that they too need to be able to keep their eyes overlooking many different areas and “change their colors” quickly in order to react accordingly to the many different demands within their position.

Operations managers are responsible for the business processes of an organization through relations with employees of all departments and overseeing their activities to make sure the processes are efficient and profit making. This includes system design, quality assurance, production, delivery, problem solving, innovation, integration, planning, controlling, negotiating, coordinating and doing (Russell & Taylor III, 2001). It takes a unique person to handle such a demanding position. A person with a specific set of highly developed personal qualities as well as a highly developed broad set of professional business skills and qualities. A person capable of leadership, to guide, direct, and...