Operational Management

In my discussion, I will cover the communication issues for the Oregon facilities of the Canton Corporation.   I will recommend effective ways of communicating to help them to overcome some issues that have occurred.   There are many ways to communicate throughout the course of a day.   Manager, production staff and other laborers all need to be informed of the different ways of communicating.  
Communication, according to Johann Wolfgang Van Goethe, “No one would talk much in society if they knew how often they misunderstood others”.   It is said that effective communications only occur when the message or idea is understood by the audience in which the speaker intended to convey.   In a company as large as Canton Corporation, it is vital that they communicate to each other.   The problems or issues the Canton facilities are having is due to people failing to communicate with each other.   Lack of communication causes confusion and it lowers production.   Managers need to “coach, coordinate, counsel, evaluate and supervise” their employees (Mistry & Frush, 2008).
The process of communicating involves: Thought which exist in the mind of the sender.   Encoding is the message that the sender wants to be received by words or symbols, and Decoding which is how the receiver translates and understand what the sender is trying to convey (Clark, 2010).
There are ways that the Canton Corporation’s Facilities P, S, and T can communicate with each other to cut down on costly mistakes.   There is Telecommunication Technology in form of Faxes, Email, Intranet and Internet.   Using either one of these methods, all of the facilities will be informed of each other’s activities.   A situation that happened with Facilities P and T in which the parts from Facility S do not always arrive on time could have been solved if the trucks were equipped with a Global Positioning System (GPS).   Facilities P and T would have been able to locate where the truck and the parts they needed...