On Laziness

I enjoyed reading Christopher Morley’s essay, “On Laziness. Though confusing at times, I found it to be overall essay to be insightful and thought provoking. When I first read the essay I understood the gist of the writing, however there were several parts that left me puzzled.   After carefully rereading numerous times and dissecting each paragraph, line by line, I have a much better understanding and thoroughly enjoyed this reading.
      This essay defends laziness. I love Morley’s use of irony and satire to get his underlying point across. It offers a perspective on the subject that is not normally explored. Although Morley writes in defense of laziness the essay is riddled with sarcasm. Morley’s terminology is brilliant because he uses words, phrases and examples of laziness whose implications are different that stated. Morley begins by stating that the writing has fallen short because he did not want to exert himself. So, the essay that follows is merely an example of what he intended on writing, had he not been to lazy to do so.
      While reading, I found myself agreeing with several passages. Some of the ideas expressed are actually thoughts that I have mulled over during several phases of my life. We live in a world where people are always on the go. Everyone is busy and there is usually never a moments rest. The hustle and bustle of everyday life can become a very heavy burden to bear, causing lots of stress and strain. However, people who are lazy are typically less stressed out. Since they don’t bother, nothing bothers them! People don’t
      want to be associated with a lazy person it is frowned upon by society. So being lazy is a sure fire way to be left alone.
      Individuals who choose to live their lives progressively, by working hard and helping others, have a lot more expected of them. The world looks toward diligent and energetic people as go-getters who are always willing to help. Sometimes this can make you feel overwhelmed or...