The Costs of Olympics Have Overweighed the Benefits. Discuss.

Olympic Games are undoubtedly the most significant athletic events and have attracted the world attention once in every four years. The origin of Olympic Games is Athens, Greece back in to the distant past of 776 BC. The first modern Olympics were held in 1896 and promoting the concepts of world peace and international communication (Wallechinsky, 2012). However, meanwhile every country are fighting to the death for the franchise of hosting city, there are also hinder cost they have to pay. This dilemma has triggered the arguments that the costs of Olympics have overweighed the benefits. Supporters believe that the Olympic Games have its own values, national reputation and achievement and culture exchange, while critics argue that the financial cost, social inconvenience, pollution have weaken the value of Olympic Games.

  Olympic Games are not only a sports competition, but indicated a very strong traditional value. The traditional Olympic Games once held in ancient Greece which already thousand of years ago. Even the modern Olympics have at least 143 years of history. It is not possible to denial the worth of existence of Olympic Games. For instance, the modern Olympics Games are not only about the motto “Faster, Higher, Stronger”, but a way of life. It has stated a way lead to a better world by encourage constructive competition, in order to promote world peace, friendship and healthy life style among the younger generation (Wallechinsky, 2012). Those concepts even come stronger in the contemporary Olympics Games. The slogans of Seoul Olympics in 1988 and Barcelona Olympics in 1992 were “Harmony and Progress” and “Friends for Life” respectively. Those profound slogans represent the whole spirit of the Games and for passing on, the Games will eventually finish but the spirits remained.

  Another proffered reason is that Olympic Games help to maintain or gain national reputation by achievements in the Games and the franchise of hosting it. This is a...