Oil Polution

Research Paper
Abstract:   The Marine Wildlife of the United States Coastal Shores has been faced with a dangerous threat to their survival. Oil spills have constantly eradicated various species of wildlife and continues to occur overtime. The ways in which marine wildlife is affected is beyond any means of recovery for a long period of time.
Over the years mankind has been known to be the epicenter of the destruction of the natural environment, mans desire to change the environment to suit their needs instead of adapting to it has brought about major imbalance and disasters in the environment.   This affects the living creatures within it.   Roads have been built by man to facilitate motor vehicles that emit toxic particles into the atmosphere, factories emit harmful gases that destroys the ozone barrier that protects us from the sun, forests have been destroyed to facilitate mans needs for construction and the list goes on.
Mankind’s activities have lead to major disasters but one in particular which is far more disastrous than others is oil spills, this disaster places a massive role in deteriorating the marine environment.   The Coastal Shores of the United States of America has been the home to various oil spills that has caused some serious long term damages to marine wildlife. Mankind’s need to transport oil across coastal shores has caused major effects on marine wildlife through oil spills.
An Oil spill can be defined as the accidental release into a body of water by way of an oil tanker, offshore drilling rig or an underwater pipeline.   Animals that lives and hunt in the affected water, faces a dangerous threat of being exposed to the oil.   The impact of an oil spill on marine wildlife is depending upon the quantity of the oil released and the amount of species that dwells in the affected region.   Oil spills poses a threat to the survival of wildlife on the U.S Coastal shores and intervenes with the food chain.
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