Of Mice and Men: the Character of Crooks

Question 1: what does the setting tell you about the character crooks?

Crooks, “the negro stable buck” is the horse carer on the ranch featured in Of mice and men. The nick name ‘Crooks’ come from crooked, which the negro stable buck is as he was kicked by a horse, buckling his back, he is very similar to Candy in this way, because Candy has a gimpy hand. Crooks and candy are also alike one another in the fact they are both named after their job, ‘ Candy the swamper’ and ‘ Crooks the negro stable buck’. The word “negro” in his name is referring the point of him being black, and he is being discriminated against. As he is black, crooks isn't allowed in the main bunkhouse with the other itinerant workers, so he has his own bunk, “in the harness room; a little shed of the   wall of the barn”, with crooks having his own bunk, he is able to leave his things around. Crooks’ bunk was a “long box filled with straw, on which his blankets were flung”. By describing crooks’ bunk as a long bow filled with straw, gives us an example of discrimination, the other workers on the ranch have mattresses, or as close as one can get to a mattress. This is an example of discrimination, as it shows he is now considered or cared for, the adjective “flung” shows us that crooks is a orderly person but doesn't have to be very neat, so he chooses not to be In some things.

Crooks can be neat at other times, shown by his orderliness with things he cares for: “Apple box over his bunk, and in it a range of medicine bottles, both for himself and the horses”. By telling us crooks keeps his medicine with the horses, in his own bunk, show us he cares for them, this is shown by him taking his own space, for something he cares about, and feels for the horses wellbeing. Crooks also has the horses harnesses in his bunk, and a set of leather working tools under the small window. Leather working is a skilled job, liking us to slim. Slim is very good at his job, but has natural power. Crooks and slim...