Of Mice and Men


      According to dictionary.com, friendship is the relationship between two friends. So what is a friend? Based on the same source a friend is a person who expresses 4 main personality traits: 1. Support, 2. Not hostile, 3. Mutually feels you are his/ her friend and 4. Affection. In of mice and men, Steinbeck plays with these characteristics and makes it seem as if the two protagonists in the novella are true companions. They are always together, but that is not a key trait to friendship. In this essay I will prove that their emotions towards each other never developed into a true companionship and that despite responsibility, aspiration, and obedience, their relationship is only physical.
      There are many reasons why a person may think that Lenny and George are best friends.   The book begins with them together walking one behind the other as if they have been together for a long time. There are also key things that the characters do and do not do that indicate a supposed emotional bond. George doesn’t leave Lenny and likewise Lenny doesn’t leave George. George looks after and cares for Lenny and fully sacrifices his personal dream for Lenny. Lenny tries his best to please George and obey his commands. These are all true but there are factors behind theses actions that make their relationship far from an actual friendship.
      George is a very complex character because he is a rather knowledgeable person. He is also the foundation and the responsibility holder in the novel. But these traits make it harder for him to truly be lennie's friend. He stays with Lenny solely so he will not be alone He is clearly the boss out of the two and he makes that evident by constantly giving Lenny orders. Throughout the book Lenny doesn’t make one decision for himself and this is because George does it for him. He cannot even introduce himself (21), and others see it and some even use that to their advantage. Curley's wife...