Of Mice and Men Script

*George and Slim sat by each other on the river with Lennie lay dead before them*
SLIM: *twitch George’s elbow* “come on, George me an’ you’ll go an get a drink.”
GEORGE: *let yourself be lifted up* “yeah a drink”
SLIM: “you hadda, George. I swear you hadda. Come on with me”  
*lead George up the road into the entrance of the trail and up towards the highway*
*Curley and Carlson follow after them*
CARLSON: Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin’ them two guys?”
*Carlson, Slim, Curley and George sat in the bar, drinking enjoying a game of poker, with an extremely awkward silence*
CARLSON: *folds* i fold
SLIM: *folds* me too
CURLEY: all in *goes all in*
GEORGE: all in *goes all in*
*awkward stares*
GEORGE: *looking very pleased* “3 queens” *shows cards*
CURLEY: *looking smug* “3... KINGS! Gimme   the money!”
*takes all the money off the table jubilantly*
GEORGE: *rests head in hands*
CARLSON: “poor thing, why not av another drink ey ? Take your mind off things, it not bad what you do to Lennie, he’s at peace now. He’ll be with his much favoured rabbits, don’t beat yourself up about it.”
CURLEY: “yeah its a good thing you did it or i woulda slaughter that crazy bastard!”
GEORGE: *glares at Curley*
*all for silent*
SLIM: “what actually happened George? Ya know befo’ we got there and saw that big old fuzzy lying kissing the pebbles?”
GEORGE: “i... i... he...” *sigh*
CARLSON: “ i remember...”
*lennie and George act out the scene*
LENNIE: “go on, George, tell me about the rabbits and our own little place”
GEORGE: *raises gun and drops it again*   “we’ll have a cow, an we’ll have maybe a pig an’ chickens, an’ down the flat we’ll have a little piece alfalfa.”
LENNIE: *happily* “for the rabbits?”
GEORGE: “for the rabbits”
LENNIE: “and i get the tend the rabbits?”
GEORGE: “an you get to tend the rabbits”
LENNIE: *happy giggle* “an live on the fatta the land”
GEORGE: “yes”
Lennie turned his head.
GEORGE:   "No, Lennie. Look down there...