Observation 1
Child A digging in the ground with Child X (outside)
Child A is digging in the garden area and are given micro glass to look through as they dig. Child A got his small space and started to dig, as he digs he says to his frriend "ha ha look at that spider" Child A looks at his friend and smiles. Child A is still digging and then he gets his micro glass and looks through it and says "eeeerrrrrrr! its all muddy"and then says "i'm going to find a big stone under there" and carries on digging and then looks at Child X and says "i wonder what else we can find under there" and carries on digging. they both smil at each other. soon they find a wiggly worm and Child A says to Child X "what are worms doing here?", the early years worker comes in and says to Child A and X "they live under ther and are finding their food"

Observation 2
role play area 'garden centre' (inside)
Child A is the garden center and is walking around having a look what there is in there. Child X says to child A 'we're selling seeds in pur shop which one would you like to buy?' Child A sys 'i'm still looking' and walks to where the seeds are and he feels the seeds and asks Child X 'what are these big seeds for?' Child X 'grass seeds and these are sunflower seeds' as child X points at them. Child A says 'i'll have sunflower seeds please'. Child X 'you loke plants?' Child A 'i want to grow flowers in my garden then i can water them with my sister' Child Xsmiles at him. Chil A says 'well i need to take these home then my mum can help me put them in the ground' and looks at Child X. Child X 'what are you going to do?' Child A ' my mums going to help me plant it, then i can watch it grow bigger and bigger and bigger' Child A then gets his seeds and walks off. Child X calls him back and says to Child A 'you need to pay and its hundred pounds please' Child A gives the money and say 'by now im going' .

observation 3
Child A looking at his plant (inside)
Child A is shown a plant that...