Observing Children

Observation on Personal, Social and Emotional development, including well-being and will be analysed into 4 sections.

  Sense of Community
  Making relationship
  Behaviour and Self control

Sense of Community

From the observation, Kelly was showing the care he had for his family. The Practice Guidance for the Early Years Foundation Stage (DCSF, 2008, p.40) explains “shows affection and concern for special people”. Kelly demonstrated this by making his intention known to me in the process of making a   big secret gift. Family bond is very important for children as they grow. It does not only form a fundamental foundation in a child's live , it also helps them understand they are part of a the big society. Families that have a strong bond of social and emotional attachment with loving care for their children, plant a seed for the child to tread for a valuable future to integrate into the   society.
After identifying Kelly's initiated interest in observation 1 Appendix, I have planned activities for him to make ,design   and post cards   to everyone important to him. Also, exploring all opportunities around his interest by allowing him to share photographs of his family with other children and how much they mean to him . I involved his mum in a quick chat about Kelly bringing a picture into nursery   and how he ate an apple.I   learnt that no matter how much hurry a parent might be, she wont mind supporting in the interest of her child.

Chapter 9 Reader 2 (Browne,2009,p.91)points out that “ if a child feels that important   adults in their lives care about them .value them and accept them as they are ,she or he   is likely to have a high level of self-esteem” . Kelly appears to understand the importance of   adult and community around   him loving   and valuing him which he reciprocates   by making a “ special secret gift”   to say thank you.   Kelly's mum explained to me in a chat about how gifts are exchanged within the family during Christmas and...