Observation of a Teacher

KL101 and   KL201

University of Brighton                                                     Cert Ed/ProfGCE Post Compulsory Education

PTLLS Teaching Observation Record

Name of Observer                                         Observation   Date   12th Nov 2008

Context of session observed

What is the subject and level being taught?

Subject:             Human Resource Management
Lesson Title:       Building an Effective Team

Subject level
                  Post Graduate
          UK Graduate Diploma in Rural Management and Supervision

Student group: numbers attending

          12 out of 12

Issues identified by the teacher in advance or noticed by you during the session:

Students are from Bulgaria, Poland and Rumania. A glossary of terms was provided and added to during the session to assist the students.

Introduction to the session
A punctual start

Teacher arrived 15 minutes before session was due to start, which enabled the room and resources to be set out before students arrived and a prompt start.

Room Layout appropriate

Yes, some small adjustments made to seating arrangements before the students arrival to place desks in a horseshoe arrangement.

Aims & outcomes shared
These were listed on a Power Point presentation, and discussed with the group. One of the outcomes could have been more specific & measurable.

Warm up/interest stimulated
This was achieved by checking student’s knowledge of team building. Importance of good team work was brought out in the discussion.

Recap/link to previous session
This was done prior to the session discussion of session objectives. Belbin team roles had been assessed.

Health and Safety issues addressed
Risk assessment attached to the lesson plan

Main part of the session
Use a variety of methods
Methods used included a brief PowerPoint, a clear and well structured handout, which included an exercise for them to do, a review of the exercise.

Ensure learners...