School Observation Report
1.2   Results of observations for the following areas of development:
Activity/Date. | Area of Development. | Describe what you observed about how development in one area can affect other areas? |
Reading Timetables10/12/15 | Telling the time.Multiplication. | Having observed an exercise in reading bus timetables, it transpired that a child had a problem with telling the time on a clock-face. I brought in a clock with “5 minute marks” and the child began to understand the questions. This also helped with simple adding and subtracting (i.e. If a bus left ‘A’ at 7.20 and arrived at ‘B’ at 7.50, how long would the journey last?) |
Numeracy11/12/15 | Long division.Decimal places. | A child lacking in concentration had rushed through a test without understanding the questions. Once the child had listened properly and taken everything on board, he found it much easier. This is something that can be applied to every lesson, as concentration is vital for learning in school. |
Nativity Rehearsal14/12/15 | Communication. | One child I have noticed has had problems with asking for help during lessons. During rehearsals for their Nativity Play, the same child seemed to come alive and was a different person during “role play”. She even came up with her own ideas within the script! With lots of gentle encouragement, this confidence can be introduced to everyday school life. |
Literacy06/01/16 | Spelling and grammar. | A child had been struggling with a series of spellings - “Their -there” “know – no” etc. I gave the child a list of spelling options containing a lot of the words he finds tricky, along with sentences incorporating these to write in his topic book. I told him to keep referring to them and we will continue to add more as they arise. In turn this will help build his confidence in literacy and make his writing more cohesive.   |

I confirm that this an accurate account of my observation.   I have not named individuals.   I...