Nvq Level 2

Unit 206(HSC025) The role of the health and social care worker

outcome 1.1
Q) How does a working relationship differ from a personal relationship?
A working relationship must be kept professional, there are boundaries such as you shouldn’t get emotionally and personally involved, also you don’t share personal information/problems We must treat residents,colleagues and family members equally regardless of my opinion and keep feelings to myself, also working and personal relationships differ because I must not accept any gifts/money. I have to follow my employers policy and procedures and have a time limit in which I must aim to complete tasks.

outcome 1.2
Q) Describe different working relationships in health and social care settings?
There are several working relationships with-in my workplace
Residents-Carers- Cooks Domestic Staff-Seniors-Management-Doctors-Nurses-Healthcare workers and family members enabling us to work together to provide quality care to our Residents.

outcome 2.1
Q) Why is it important to adhere to the agreed job role?
I need to be aware of my job description ,responsibilities and knowing my level of competence and skills therefore only carrying out tasks I am happy in doing so as doing something above my level could result in mistakes being made or causing injury to service users, myself and other members of staff. Also I must follow codes and practice, risk assessments and care plans.

Outcome 3.1
Q) Why is it important to work in partnership with others? I.e. other colleagues, professionals and families.
So we can offer the best possible care also performing tasks which I am unable to do on my own such as hoisting or turning a client. Receive support and help if I am unsure about anything and seeking advice from professionals

outcome 3.2
Q) How can your ways of working improve partnership working?
Maintaining good communication between ourselves about our job roles, while explaining to the resident what we are doing...