Nvq Level 3 Development

CYP Core 3.2 Promote child and young person development  

If your not practicing properly then the children will not be learning properly, by doing observations and assessments you will be able to plan for the individual child and their needs by adapting activities for them, also children need to be challenged if the work that they are given is to do is to easy for them they will become bored. If you shout and rase your all the time the child is less likely to ask questions for fear of being shouted at, also if you are   constantly mentioning one particular child all the time for the bad behaviour then the other children will pick up on this and begin to consider or brand that child as bad this will effect that child's confidence and will begin to act out just to get that attention, also as the other children see that child as being bad the other children may not play or include that child in there activities which mean that child may not be able to make friends and have that soical   interaction that they need to develop there soical skills.
These services are provided by public agencies and private organizations for children who are found to be eligible for these services after a developmental evaluation Speech and language can help children overcome most of their problems. By helping children gain the ability to use language they can help children gain confidence and self- esteem I have seen this in my setting with children who have had communication and language needs. These children have gained confidence and their language is now at a level that they can interact with other children and not show frustration. This is because they can now express themselves, the SENCO in an educational setting give support to children and families with special needs this person/s is also responsible for identification of special needs. Additional learning support staff works within and outside schools providing a range of services to help children who have certain...