Nvq Health and Socail Care

Assignment 206
Understand the role of the social care worker

A working relationship is with someone or a team of individuals not of your choosing. A personal relationship is with someone you like and choose to be around. At work you are all there to do your jobs and follow the rules and codes of conducts. With personal relationships you just do what feels comfortable and have no set rules to follow. In a working relationship it is better to try to keep your personal opinions to yourself because it is a lot easier to work if you get on and don't have differences and tensions between you. A personal relationship is a lot easier to speak your mind as the person receiving it knows you well and won’t get so offended.

When talking to your coworkers they normally can relate because they do the same work and normally know exactly what and who you are talking about. When talking to an agency worker or visiting doctor you would need to be more descriptive as they would not know the residents the same way you do. You would probably have to show them who the different individuals are too.

I think it is important to work with the service users and their families as they know best what help they need and want. Communication is a very big part in helping someone and a big way in developing a relationship with them. You also have to remember that they pay a lot of money to be in the home and require and expect a level of care for that price. It is good to all work together so the resident is happy and feel they are happy with the level of care given. The family obviously want the best for their loved one and I think it’s good to have a relationship with them so they can see firsthand also that you are doing your best and if something is not to their liking they can discuss it and get it improved.

Talking and keeping the communication at all times.
Forming a plan of action together.
Make decisions together.

These are my five...