Nvq 4222-253 Wq3

4.1 explain why it is important to have in place structures and routines which match the wishes and needs of the individual

It is important to have structures and routines in place which should be clearly written in the care plan.

The care plan is written specifically for that client and will reflect their likes, dislikes, routines etc therefore it is person-centred and caters for their individual requirements.

Having a clear care plan in place makes the care easier for all concerned because the routines are clearly defined which is very important when new carers are introduced into the system.   They will know in detail what routines have to be carried out and when with the same people in the same surroundings.   This will allow the client to feel safe and in their “comfort zone” where they will be less likely to become anxious and stressed.

The care given to an autistic person is based around the care plan which will match their wishes and needs.   The same care and the use of the same care plan should not given or used for another autistic person as their wishes and needs will not be the same.   Those with ASD will all have different needs to each other and therefore how you care for them will be different, structures and routines make things clearer for them.   E.g. a board displayed with the carers names on it and what day they are due to provide the care so that they expect that person on that day.   Whereas someone new just turning up who they are not expecting may cause the stress or anxiety as they may not understand the change.

Having clear routines helps them get through their day, will help them interact with other people and help then to accept when they are expected to go into other environments.   By having these structures and routines in place a person with ASD will feel more secure and be able to cope with people and environments and they are more likely to feel included in what is going on around them than excluded and that nothing is...