Nvq 3 Leaflet Comparison

The first difference that i have noticed between the two leaflets i have chosen is that they are both directed at different audiences.   The railcard leaflet in my opinion is directed to towards the disabled persons themselves. This leaflets main aim is to provide information to disabled people and make them aware that they may be able to receive discount for   themselves and a friend when they are travelling by train. This leaflet is very easy to read as it has large text and pictures. There is no confusing information on the leaflet either , it is all very clear and uses simple vocabulary.
The other leaflet i have chosen is in contrast to the first because it is directed at a wider audience . ie the general public. This leaflets main aim is to provide information about their charity work making and supplying wheelchairs to children overseas who are in poverty. The layout is also very different with different sections providing different information about the organization and the work that they do. There is a lot of small text which people would need to read to fully understand this leaflet and its purpose. This is different to the other leaflet which is very simple and to the point.
The images are also different on the leaflets as in the railcard leaflet the main image is a cartoon   drawing of people boarding a train. The lady at the back is also using a cain/walking stick. This will be here to show that people who have disabilities can also use the train with ease. There is also a poster in the drawing with a clear title of 1/3 off rail fares next to a disabled persons railcard.
The images on the other leaflet are more narrative . the first image goes with the title ‘the tragedy’ and has an mage of a child in one of the wheelchairs that they produce. The second   ‘how we help’ is coupled with an image of the actual wheelchair   itself.
The main differences between the two leaflets is that the railcard leaflet is much easier to understand and has very clear...