Marco Regalado
Nutrition Seminar

I thought that the girls presented a well rounded informative presentation on healthy ways to avoid gaining weight over the holidays. I think they could have been more creative with some of their suggestions, but provided good basic information.   Reminding people that they WILL GAIN weight over the holidays was the best advice the girls gave to the class.   The call of action will make students aware of over indulging during the holidays if they admit it or not.   Nobody wants to come back to school looking slightly fluffy after the break.
I liked the minor things that were pointed out by our speakers.   Reminding people to chew at least ten times I thought was very good advice.   I know a lot of students think “duh” after hearing that, but chewing at least ten times is a minimum and in reality most students probably don’t chew enough.   Heck, I know sometimes I don’t when I’m in a hurry.   Drinking water throughout the meal was sound advice if people take it.   Most people don’t drink enough water, and having a glass of water before a meal is a great way to maintain hydration and a healthy weight.   Telling people to eat better is one thing, but then giving them actual recipes is another.   I most likely want use the recipe over the break, but it doesn’t mean I won’t one day.   I might suggest a public speaking course for one or two of the girls, but then again I could probably use a writing course. Who’s perfect? Overall good job.