Nutrition is a very important part of life for every individual. The key concept of this though is that nutrition needs to be a healthy nutrition. People who do not eat healthy can be at a higher risk for health problems and become overweight which can affect a person’s life majorly. People can indulge from time to time but it cannot be any everyday thing if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as a healthy weight. People who have healthy eating habits feel bad during the day and are not as drug down. This is something that I have learned from experience.
    My current eating habits are not very healthy for myself or my family. I have gone back to work after being a stay at home mom for the past seven years and it has desperately changed my eating habits. I usually skip breakfast in the mornings because I do not give myself enough time to have breakfast in the mornings not to mention I am just not hungry in the morning. This is a huge mistake from what I have been told because breakfast is the most important meal of the day. What someone eats for breakfast can defiantly impact his or her day.
    Furthermore my lunch habits are awful as well. Instead of taking the time to pack my lunch I usually eat out. Although most days I do eat Subway there are days that I have Taco Bell and Steak and Shake. Any fast food that is eaten on a daily basis is not healthy for anyone because of the low nutrient content as well as all the fat and calories that it contains. I am on a schedule for lunch and I do not get that much time so I find it easier to just run through a drive threw and grab some lunch.
    I was raised that families always sit done and eat dinner together to talk about their day and spend family time together. Although when I did not work I made dinner from scratch every night I just do not have time to do that anymore since I have started working. Most nights I do cook dinner for my family but other night we do end up eating out.   When we do...