Nursing Leadership

Nursing Leadership
In the field of nursing leadership, Percival pointed out that the nurse leaders are required to have an understanding of the philosophy, values and goals of PHC to guide national policy towards social equity and reduce the health inequity and related socioeconomic inequity in the community. They are required to be able to look beyond the expansion of traditional nursing roles or mere cosmetic changes in nursing education programs.
In Hong Kong, the Chinese University of Hong Kong has offer a leadership forum which is designed to be a practical session for nursing leaders to share their contemporary issues with relation to the future development of nursing in Hong Kong,
Furthermore, the Hong Kong Baptist University has also offer a programme that consists of leadership in clinical practice, it enhance the student have a good development of leadership potential, motivation, coaching, and mentorship, concepts of power, authority and empowerment and discussion of contemporary leadership issuesThe Hospital Authority has dedicated a significant effort in nursing leadership for current as well as future leaders in this pursuit. Examples of these efforts include the Executive Leadership Program (ELP), HA Leadership Pipeline (HALP) and the opening of dedicated development positions in its head office and various Clusters..
Nurses are initiative to play a greater role to carry out growth monitoring, health screening, health education and other related activities. These changes have proven how nurse leaders to be proactive and improve our health care system, and encourage patient to participate in their own care.
Leadership skills are not often taught in nursing school, but they are important to nurse's career and reputation. Nurses lead patients out of illness and into wellness, families out of confusion and into understanding. They also mentor and lead nurses who are new to the profession. Have good leadership in nursing by developing your...