How do you start a Leadership and Nursing research paper? Our expert writers suggest like this:Leadership and nursing go hand in hnd. hile many decades ago, the nurse practitioner was not looked upon as a leader, times have changed and evolved to put the nurse in a key position of leadership in today’s healthcare systems. A major portion of nursing programs in the United States focus on leadership and nursing due to the importance of developing leadership traits in nursing professionals. A good portion of nursing curriculum deals with business practices that could be taught in any MBA program. Nurses are burdened with leadership courses in order to assist them in developing into the maximum achievers that are needed to lead today’s healthcare facilities.
One of the most oft studied leadership theory is that of situational leadership. Situational leadership is characterized by the nurse evaluating the current climate, factors and environment of a situation and then taking a leadership role that is the best theoretical match for the issue at hand. This form of individualization of leadership style allows the nurse to apply the level of care needed to exactly what the patient or staff member will respond to. By developing situational leadership skills, the nurse is maximizing the level of use the organization can get from him or her individually. Furthermore, the more experience a nurse has, the better at applying situational leadership skills to an organizational or healthcare setting.
While it may be frustrating for the nursing student to have to engage in many business and leadership courses and practice; this type of services is demanded in today’s healthcare facility. If your nursing course load is too heavy, look to Paper Masters to assist you with the course work you need help with – particularly the difficult and broad topics such as leadership and how it applies to nursing.

Nursing leadership and management is crucial in the foundation of nursing care....