Nur 598 Magnet Certification

Research Utilization: ANCC Magnet Certification

Research Utilization Proposal: ANCC Magnet Certification
      The demand on improving the quality of service imposed by the Magnet certification on performing the health care needed solutions to solve global issues, such as the nursing shortage, and the way the health system is developing. Based on research utilization proposals and highly trained staff, from management training, as well to support, and to nurse executives patient safety and health care quality is applied based on performance improvement projects. The components of a Model Magnet are exceptional professional practice, transformational leadership, empowerment, based on knowledge and innovation (American Nurses Credentialing Center, 2012). Magnet is something that demonstrates achievement. Magnet standards are also a set of standards to move toward (Chaney, 2002).
Magnet Status
      Magnet status is an award and certification provided to a healthcare organization by the ANCC to those facilities that demonstrate a good strength and quality of nursing and medical care. Recently, the ANCC introduced a new model of magnet criteria for the next generation. It has been designed to innovate the framework for research and the nursing practice to define the different lines of such programs. In other such magnet organizations, the nurse delivers excellent services to the patient population. Moreover, nurses too have a high level of job satisfaction; patient's grievance rate is too low or almost nil, turnover rate of nurses is too low, etc.
Research Utilization Proposals
      Research utilization (RU) is the development of creating, distributing, and expanding research-based information to make an impact on or alteration in the current practice of nursing practice (Scott, Sochalski, & Aiken, 2009). The purpose to developing the RU process and synthesizing the findings of various studies was to address the basic issues...