Man has progressed from the life of brutes to the heights of civilization and refinement. Today, as he still strides forward, in this busy world of neck to neck competition, it is no small surprise that in the race, he has compromised on basic manners with his fellow men.
Today though people living in urban areas enjoy materialistic happiness undergo a lot of stress. Stress at work, of keeping up with the competition, of travelling to and from office and of balancing job and work, tax them to the hilt and make them immune to emotions and the basic etiquettes of behaviour in a society. In urban cities, we find people always on the go to each one’s destinations. Everyone has a family to meet, or an office to be reached in time. In the bargain, how many times have we found someone brush past us, making a dash for that bus or train ? Or we open a door to a building only to find a battery of others jostling through it ? In an urban world, there is a decreasing place for such etiquettes which were once the very indications of our progress.
Another reason is that we observe courtesy all too less these days. Again attributable to the busy lives we lead, there is no time to stand and appreciate what ever little courtesy we see around. We are all sulking over some uncourteous behaviour meted out to us during the day and we resolve to pass on that negative feeling to an entire city through out the day. However that is not what should be done. We should understand the situation of the society today and move on with the behaviour meted out to us and go ahead and behave courteously towards others. For example, there is this cab driver in my city who thanks each and every passenger as they pay him. His intention of doing so is to spread goodwill in the city in the process. He thinks that his small act will be noticed by his customers who in turn will unconsciously do the same to those interacting with them.
In short, it is true that we are running out of courteous behaviour in...