Much Ado About Nothing

The Play Much Ado About Nothing is a romantic comedy which was written by William Shakespeare in the Elizabethan times. Shakespearean society was a lot different from today’s society. It was based on a patriarchal society. There was inequality between males and females. Females did not have any rights or power in the society. They could not make any decisions about their life, their father choose who they would marry. Marriage was a deal done between families, where virginity was often sold to the most suitable person.
The Play Much Ado about Nothing revolves around two main characters Benedict and Beatrice. Their personalities were similar which made them sick of each other. From lines like “In our last conflict four of his five wits went halting off” and “You always end up with a jade’s trick I know you of old” from Beatrice it seems like the two have previously met and have a history between them. Beatrice was smart, independent and did not want to rely on others for support. She like Benedict was against marriage and vowed never to marry. However she was very emotional and her moods would change. Their hatred for each other brought them together. They would always argue and hurt each other’s feelings. But in the end with little help they realised that marriage and love were a wonderful thing and they got together.
He tried to persuade Claudio not to get married but was unsuccessful in the face of Don Pedro’s encouragement. He teased Claudio and commented that all of his friends are betraying him one by one by getting married. He was stubborn; he would never give into other people’s idea so he vowed never to get married.
But at the end the power of Beatrix’s words changes Benedict’s mind from thinking of their exchanges as a game to a serious, in love commitment. He vows his love for Beatrix. But Claudio puts Hero's reputation as a moral, pure girl is destroyed as she is accused of having an affair. He accuses her in front of everyone and refuses to...