Much a Do About Nothing

The scene of the conversation between Beatrice and Benedick takes place right after the wedding scene were Hero was publicly slandered by Claudio.   This upsetted Beatrice very much, because Hero is her cousin.   This conversation allows both Beatrice and benedick to declare their love for one another.   Beatrice says that the only way she will be with Benedick is if he kills Claudio, “Kill Claudio”(4.1.287).   Therefore Benedick challenges Claudio to a duel.
Woman had no role in that time, they couldn`t be forward and was supposed not to be sexual in an offensive way, wich Beatrice wasn`t very good at.   Honour was very high valued in society in that time, and in the scene Beatrice questions Benedick`s honor.   Men on the other hand was very big on honour in that time, they foought for honour.   One could say that Claudio was not an honourable man, because he only wanted to marry Hero for her father`s money.  
When Beatrice and Benedick declare their love for each other, they do it by over exaggerating for example when Benedick says: “I do love nothing in the world so well as you”(4.1.265).   Most of their conversations were never serious, they were always playing around with each other, but now they are serious, the exaggeration shows how serious they are.   Benedick also says that by his sword he loves Beatrice(4.1.273) the sword resembles the oath of a Christian genntleman and also represents honour because one fights with a sword.   This one again shows how serious Benedick is, because he swears on his honor, he is willing to defend with his life his statement. Beatrice on the other hand is only sure of one thing and that is tat she feels sorry for her cousin.   In her confused state she cannot confess or deny her love for benedick, “As strange as the thing I know not.   It were as possible for me to say I loved nothing so well as you.   But believe me not, and yet I lie not.   I confess nothing nor I deny nothing; I am sorry for my cousin”(4.1.267-271).   This shows on...