Paragraph by process gives the reader steps or directions on how he can do something and how a particular event occurred or how something works. It introduces a process in the topic sentence and explains the step-by-step nature of the process in the supporting sentences. Paragraph by process must have unity and coherence to achieve a specific, complete, and properly sequence of instructions. Since it is time-bounded, signal words to denote time sequence help considerably to achieve coherence in the paragraph. Among the signal words are: first, second, third, next, until, to begin, to start, afterwards, soon, finally, etc.

Tips to be considered in writing a paragraph by process is to make a topic sentence that clearly states what your process result will be. Narrow your topic and think of whom you are writing to. Drop unnecessary information’s that are not necessary in the process. Revise your work to make sure that no errors in grammar or spelling, etc.

Paragraph by process is a “how to” type of writing, which means writers can give instructions about any type of “how to.” This really helps writers stay organized because this type of writing calls for step-by-step instructions.

BSA 1-2


How to Stay Young and Healthy

There are things that you can do to stay young with healthy choices and habits. To begin, you must exercise regularly. Just simply moving around and getting your heart pumping can retain your original capacity. Second, get enough sleep. When resting, it keeps you do the activities for the next day. Third, enjoy hearty laughs. It relaxes our muscles and aids our mental, emotional and spiritual health. Each time we smile or laugh helps us to relieve pain, stress and sickness. Finally, control your stress. Many diseases are linked to stress so accept situations that you can’t change and deal with the ones that you can. Preserving our youth is all about feeling good, increasing energy...