Entry 1

April 13, 1861

Dear Diary,
      The war just broke loose.   I’m scared.   Scared of losing my pa.   Life’s been like hell at the house without him.   No one to talk to, and no one to teach me how to shoot so I can join the war.
      Ma’s been cooking and doin the usual work, but has seemed more winded.   I hope she’s not comin down with something.   She’s been so depressed and I’m worried.   I hope the war ends soon.   I hope she can last until he returns.   I miss him so much.

Entry 2

November 23, 1861

Dear Diary,
It’s snowin! I’m so excited, but I’m also sad.   I wish he could be here to see this amazin site.   It truly is wonderful.   He’d never seen snow in his life and it makes me wonder would he be in this snow too? I sure as heck hope so.   I want to just see him happy, and not dead.
      It would make my day to see those men just march on into town and the war be over. But that’s just a wish.   I sure hope this war ends soon.   It is cold and the work here is hard, harder than usual without the help of pa.   He is so strong.   I just hope he lasts through this war.

Entry 3

May 13, 1862

Dear Diary,
Life just keeps gettin harder without Pa around. My mom and I are having to take care of little Suzie even more than usual. If Pa were here, he’d make us all feel better and relaxed. We wouldn’t have as much stress on our shoulders. It would be okay to live.
We found out that Suzie had the chicken pox and she coulda scratched herself to death if we didn’t do something. If he was here, Suzie wouldn’t be cryin so much.   She would just sit in his lap and feel all better.   We could make it through this. But without him there, I have no hope at all even though I knew she will make it.

Entry 4

September 7, 1862

Dear Diary,
Summer was long and hot but now the fall is here and the weather is changin.   It would be nice to go fishin with pa this time of year, but I guess I will have to wait until next year.   This war is takin...