Notes in Operation of Shale Ceramsite Production Line

Ceramsite is a type of granular solid particle made with ceramsite production line by sintering with clay, shale and gangue. Such features as light weight, low water absorption, good anti-seismic property, frost resisting and corrosion resistance make ceramsite and ceramsite sand products widely used in construction and petroleum field. Since the ceramsite sand can not used directly in our daily life, we need the ceramsite sand production line to produce it. And have you ever known the shale ceramsite production line up to now?

The ceramsite sand production line generally includes the handling of raw materials, dosing and mixing, raw material ball preparation, calcination, product handling processes. Roasting is the key process to the whole production of ceramsite sand. Using different baking equipment, other processes have to be changed. Shale ceramsite production line working process is as follows: mining, a crushing, secondary crushing, screening, staging, feeding, sintering, finished product classification screening, stacked, transportation (bag). Should be paid attention to in operation of shale ceramsite production line, the feed rate, coal, rotating speed of kiln body, the ventilation matching relationships between them, make them adjust to best process condition.With fly ash and other industrial waste production set of ceramsite is a research topic of many related people. Nowadays, high strength, light body has successfully lytag, various performance indicators are better than haydite shale and clay. It besides mastering its technological requirements, admixture is also the main cause of influence its performance. Admixtures including bonding agent, bulking agent and mineralizing agent, etc. Different composition of fly ash admixture composition are also different.

Of course, maybe my summary is not comprehensive. And we also have other mining machines, such as stone crusher plant, coal ash dryer and granite crusher and hammering machine and so...