Keep Your Eyes on Ceramsite Production Line

At present our country ceramsite production machine is the industrial rotary kiln. Lord of the cylindrical kiln body and level is about 3 ° inclination of the placing on the roller.Material for high end into the furnace, under the action of rotary kiln body do sports, material (preheater) fell from high to low (kiln head), at the same time, in the kiln head, high pressure air blower will be pulverized coal or other fuels such as natural gas injection into the furnace, and make them fully burning, the heat generated by the physical and chemical changes in the material, produce inflation, after cooling for ceramsite.

Production of fly ash ceramsite production line technical requirements are as follows:

1, fineness: 4900 / M2 sieve allowance is less than 40%. If encounter crude ash must be used with fine ash blended.(used here lytag equipment has finished sieve screening equipment etc.)

2, residual HanTanLiang: high HanTanLiang can reduce the solid fuel mix, which can save fuel, but HanTanLiang too high, even if not adding solid fuel, is still more than mixture ratio requirements, produce burnt when roasting.Thus HanTanLiang should not be commonly more than 10% of fly ash, and hopes to HanTanLiang stability.

3, ceramsite production machine should not be mixed with fly ash and harmful impurities, such as the massive coal cinder, weeds, etc.

4, high temperature performance, high temperature deformation temperature should be between 1200 and 1300 degrees Celsius, softening temperature is 1500 degrees Celsius.

5, chemical composition of ceramsite sand production line, general and is not subject to strict restrictions. But the ferric oxide Fe2O3 content should not be greater than 10%, and hope to have more sodium oxide Na2O SO3 sulphur trioxide, potassium hydroxide, K2O and less.This is because the reduction of ferric oxide generated when ferrous oxide FeO, significant help melt, but excessive ferrous oxide, and you reduce the area of roasting...