North America Continues to Be Biggest Market for Amphibious Landing Crafts, Air Cushion Market

Fleet is used in the war to safeguard coastline of nation from intruders thus maintaining a freedom of trade. For safeguarding country’s coastline, it is important to maintain a separate unit of troops and equipment that specialize in amphibious assaults. Conventionally, traditional landing craft were used to carry equipment and troops from fleet or from big ships to the beach or to the warzone. With changing demand, this industry witnessed production of advanced landing craft that move on several types of terrain, and helped in carrying the equipment and troops directly to the warzone without causing any additional casualties.

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Over the last five decades, the primary aspects influencing amphibious operations have changed, and these have had a bearing on the design of amphibious ships. For instance, the ability of shore-based coastal defense has augmented by several magnitudes. The design of modern amphibious ships has been driven by the need to meet the stringent government conditions.

North America continues to be the biggest market for amphibious landing crafts, air Cushion Market. However, Middle East, and APAC region are expected to observe highest growth for the market in near future. Additionally, Gulf Region and Central Asia are the most attractive markets for foreign shipbuilding companies owing to easier access to the market and projected execution of different naval procurement projects.

Amphibious landing craft, air cushion are used in Military applications and Commercial Application. The global amphibious landing craft, air cushion market is expected to experience a significant growth in landing craft mechanized segment for military applications in the forecast period. The growth would be mainly driven by increase in demand for smaller and faster landing craft in certain regions such as APAC, Middle East and the Latin...