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Google in China: The Big Disconnect
  * The stakeholders in this case are:
            * Chinese government
            * Chinese citizen’s habit
            * Google company in China
  * The concerns and rights of each set of stakeholders:
For Chinese government:
  * The concern of Chinese government is how to let Google do business in china without harmful for this country. Chinese government has many methods to control Google’s activities.
  * But the control method of Chinese Government is so strict for Google to continue doing business in China.
For Chinese citizen’s habit:
  * Based on the research in this case, we can see that the habit of Chinese citizen bring the bad things for Google. In spite of paying fee for downloading on the Internet, some web pages in China allow people to download without paying fee. So the Chinese citizen in stead of using webpage from Google, they use their own Web such as: Baidu’s chat rooms, Sina.com, Sohu.com…
For Google company in China:
  * Google try to expand their company into China. The concerns of Google is try to expand their business as large as possible in China because China is one of the largest third party in the world. According to Kai-Fu Lee, Google wants people in the countryside of China have chances to use internet. China is the best solution for expand their company.
  * But the fact that, Chinese government has too many method to reduce the affect of Google in China. The Great Firewall is the good example for the control method of Chinese government. They try to block almost the web pages. So people can’t access some web pages.
  * How should Google prioritize the relative obligation that the company has towards those stakeholders?