Should the Impact European Contact Had on the Indigenous Populations of North America Be Addressed as a Historical or Moral Question?

Should the impact European contact had on the indigenous populations of North America be addressed as a historical or moral question?

The debate of fact and faith has been relevant for so long. In this case, it comes to the impact Europeans made on indigenous peoples being a historical or moral question. History is facts. When learning about the American Indians, can we be sure we are learning all facts? There is a lot of perspective. Truth, exaggerations, and complete lies can all be found which leads to the belief that the impact of the Americans is frankly a moral question.
It was a different time. America to the colonists was brand new, it was scary, and it was all about surviving. Americans did what they knew to do: they clung strong to their faith. Christians/Protestants in the colonies were very devout and believed in trusting God with their lives. To the Christians, they were to "Manifest Destiny." God was calling them to move westward for Him no matter what. So, were they in the wrong? Were they just trying to fulfill their destiny? It's a question of morals.
The American Indians did suffer great loss. Infamously, the Trail of Tears, being the most tragic loss. To some, European settlers "destroyed nations." Bad things may have happened, we can't forget them, but we need to overlook those while studying history. Did European settlers really destroy nations? Did the Natives deserve that land? It's a question of morals.
You have to look at the big picture. You can't have a closed mind when studying history. The Americans were trying to establish a strong nation. By moving the Indians west, everybody was to get land and a place to call their own. They had big plans and they made it happen. While there was much suffering, we wouldn't be where we were today. Does that make some of their actions okay? No. But then again, that's a question of morals.
This centuries old debate will not cease to exist anytime soon. Historians will forever try to be...