No Child Left Behind

The charter school is my favorite   thing about No Child Left Behind. It makes sure that requirements that research are scientifically proven. There still is crime at schools. The financial burden on local school is high. The rural areas have a different makeup. The student accountability makes sure that the disabled are not overlooked.

No Child Left Behind   names public charter schools as a school-choice option for children in schools that are identified for “improvement, corrective action or restructuring“, because they offer a viable alternative to public schools in the traditional system.   The development of charter schools began in the 1990s for   providing expanded educational options for parents within the public school system. Today there are some 2,700 U.S. charter schools serving some 700,000 students nationwide. Only thirty-nine states have them. Charter schools are doing groundbreaking things in Texas like having daycare for students onsite, helping students that are ADD or in rehab finish there high school degree. In a regular high school, a student that has been in jail or homeless may fall in between the cracks. At the charter schools , teachers find it to be their calling to help trouble teens finish high school and even apply for college. Students can even finish their high school degree early is what Rick Panter , the principal of Winfree ,   advised me.
No Child Left Behind requires that “priority in providing school choice be given to the lowest achieving children from low-income families”. Supplemental educational services are available. Academic instruction designed to increase the academic achievement of students in schools that have not met State targets for increasing student achievement (adequate yearly progress) for three or more years can even be in faith based settings.

No Child Left Behind sets   requirements to ensure that research is scientifically proven. Parents will be able to ask their principal, teachers and school board...