No Child Left Behind Act

No Child Left Bend Act

Ashford University
Introduction to Teaching and Learning
EDU 623
Dr.Dennis Lawrence
April 30,2011
    NCBL's   rationale was to   endorse standard-based education. to obtain federal funding for   schools, each state would develop   basic skills assessments in diverse grades during the school
  year. Initiating   national standards and exams for   students to pass was not intended, and state.
would form and assess their standards

        NCLB   or No Child Left Behind, characterizes legislation which endeavors to achieve a
values- foundation in reforming education , which will sanction federal programs to embrace
holding   primary as well as secondary schools to eminent ideology , while making opportunities available   in school preference   while   placing   immense   prominence on reading within schools. NCLB requires every student   regardless of their background to achieve the same standards in math and reading, this also includes disadvantaged   and special education students
to met the set standards. (Sandra, A   2010).   Additionally   NCBL   mandates , all teachers must meet the license and certification prerequisites in state   they teach. In the event   teacher does not meet any of these qualifications they will not be allowed to teach these mandatory requirement are met. (Armstrong, D2009).
    There are many reasons for both opposing views   one of the   controversial areas is money, zoned school districts is   also highly opposed, by many due to their children being transported to school away from the district   school choice is also opposed   because many feel, parents or custodians will   send their children to good quality schools, and deprived schools which will result in student and funding   lost . Many teacher oppose the act because they feel they will have to lower their overall educational goals and "teach to the test. Opposition to the   voucher system express concerns   that alternative schools may open   for learners...