No Child Left Behind

Research Title:
The No Child Left behind Act Has Severely Impacted Special Needs Students by Expecting Them to Do Things that “Normal” Kids Do.
My research question: How does the No Child Left Behind Act have impact children with a disability?
My hypothesis: The No Child Left Behind Act has severely impacted students with Mild to moderate disabilities by expecting them to do things that “normal” kids do

The No Child Left Behind Act has a lot of advantages for students with disabilities on the one hand and it has some obstacles which don’t allow these students having a qualified education on the other hand. The No Child Left Behind Act is the latest version of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act which was adopted in 2001. This act aims at the improving American educational system with the help of reforms. Unlike the previous acts, this one caters for different groups of students paying attention to the students with learning disabilities. One of the main goals of this act is “to ensure that all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a highly-quality education” (Children with Disabilities under No Child Left Behind: Myths and Realities, 2002). There are new requirements for assessments, standards, parental involvement and accountability. According to the latest statistics, there are 6.1 million students with learning disabilities in America which need special approach in education.
This Act makes the standards of assessments between ordinary students and students with learning disabilities equal. Most students with learning disabilities are able to follow the general educational standards. Students with disabilities are deliberately included in the No Child Left Behind act as far as they need a peculiar attention. Some students need a peculiar attitude and accommodations. When all the necessary factors are taken into account and the accommodation is provided, they are able to be taught according to the standard educational...