Nights in Rodanthe

Megan Foster
Mrs. Nguyen
Period 3
7 October 2009

Book Movie Essay
The book Nights in Rodanthe is a love story but the objective the writer is trying to accomplish is that if you experience real love and love is lost it is better than never really experiencing love at all. The movie doesn’t really display an objective like the book does. The reason I think the book is better than the movie is, the movie doesn’t give the same strong connection between the characters like the book does, the book is also a lot more complex. Another reason I think the book is better than the movie is that the movie doesn’t include Adrienne’s struggle with taking care of her father financially. Overall I would rather watch a movie than read a book but after reading Nights in Rodanthe I have to say that I would read the book over watching the movie any day.

In the movie the two main characters Adrienne and Paul experience a sweat calming life changing love . Their love is so perfect and so fairy tail like its almost unreal. In the movie the connection between Adrienne and Paul is wild and crazy, not the kind of love that sticks with you forever. Another difference is in the book Adrienne is a sad lonely women who doesn’t have much pride in herself, which would usually make a man find her unattractive but Paul couldn’t resist he wanted to love her and make her feel strong and special. In the movie Paul is rude to Adrienne and only starts to come around toward the end of the movie which doesn’t set a loving tone. Which is one reason I believe the book Nights in Rodanthe is better than the movie.

The book Nights in Rodanthe is a lot more complex than the movie, it seemed as if the movie cut off half of he story which had some very important points. The movie starts off with Adrienne rushing her children off to their fathers house and Jack, Adrienne’s ex husband asks her if he can come back to her after he has cheated on her and remarried, now this is an important event and...