Night Talkers

Short Story # 1 War By Luigi Pirandello

In the short story “War” we can quickly identified that the wife as the dynamic character in paragraph five, following all the specific details related by her husband to the rest of the traveling companions. Pirandello takes us through a series of events, opinions and changes from the rest of the travelers. These circumstances led to character changes in the wife, but this doesn't happens until paragraph 17, where a fat, read-face man explained the view point from the kids perspective. With the introduction of this new character, fat, read-face man or fat traveler, Pirandello open new boundaries and perspective of the situation using him, because he lost his son at war. Fat traveler not only brings the acceptance of new condition he also makes new changes on the thinking process with the traveling companions, but with a direct reflection over the wife who is the dynamic character as we discussed from the beginning. His character has an impact of better understanding from the travelers perspective opening memories from there own childhood. Fat travel took them to the past asking them to remember when they were at the age of 20, what they loved, illusions, new ties and their Country. This opened there eyes to see the differences between the two loves, love as a parent and as a child. He goes farther to explain how proud he was of his son after he received a (message from his son that he was dying satisfied at having ended his life on the best way).