Night Intruder


The Night Intruder

University Of Phoenix
Introduction To Effective Written Communication
COMM 105
William Battaglia
March 06, 2009

The Night Intruder
      It was late at night and I was home all alone. It had been a quiet night, but for some odd reason I couldn’t sleep. During this restless night, I heard a bump in the kitchen. At first I disregarded it, thinking it may be just the wind. But there it was again, I heard something. I shook with fear as I heard footsteps outside my bedroom. Very quietly I took steps towards my bedroom door to make sure that the door was locked. Carefully taking the key out of the door, I silently walked back to my bed and rolled under my blanket.
      I was very scared, my pulse was racing and I couldn’t think of what to do. I slowly pulled the blanket over my head, shivering with fear I held onto the bedroom keys very tightly. I didn’t know if I should call 911 or just lay in my bed, hoping whatever it is will go away. Then something came to mind, I realized I had a nine millimeter Smith and Wesson hand gun in my night stand. I very quietly took it out, removed the trigger lock, and retrieved the bullets from the drawer. I didn’t want to create a situation that wasn’t necessary. I slid back under my blanket, holding onto the gun and the key and hoping the intruder will take what they want and leave. The footsteps faded down the hallway, then it grew louder coming towards me. My bladder almost let go. I was shocked as the intruder tried to open my door, but luckily I locked it. Then he kicked the door, I felt danger all around me. Then there was another bang on the door.
      The time had come; I rose from my bed and aimed my gun at the door. I promised myself that I will fire my gun the very moment the door pops open. Sitting on my bed, I silently waited for the intruder to force himself into my room. Then I heard a voice. Someone spoke in a foreign language, but I did learn that...