Nicole Froggers

Frog Dancing! (:

Hi! My name is Nicole Froggers. I'm here to tell you about my awesome life, or from my point of view anyways. So hold on to your lillypads your about to hear one hoppin of a story...

It all started on September 9,1988 when my mom gave birth to a beatiful and healthly baby girl(thats me!) My mom Kelly and my dad Hunter named me Nicole. A couple days after I was born my parents got to take me to our new pond in FroggieLand, Froggieton. By the time I was two I was walking which my mom hated! The reason for that is because my mom was a famous dancer, and of course I wanted to follow in my mother's footsteps.

So ever since I was two and started walking I was always dancing. I mean when I got off my lillypad in the morning until the time I got back onto my lillypad to go back to sleep I was dancing! My mom had my sister when I was six and my parents decided to name her Jessica. Let me tell you right now my new baby sister hated me dancing every time she saw me dancing she would start crying. But not even my baby sister hating me stopped me from doing what I loved to do which is dancing.

When I was eight my mom had my brother. Our parents decided to name him Bentley. By this time my whole family supported me in my dancing . If I wasnt dancing I was talking about dancing or if I wasnt talking about dancing I was dancing. By now I think I was starting to annoy my friends and family. I didn't care though because I wouldn't let them try to stop me from my dreams.

So my mom would shut me up she enrolled me in a dance academy. That was probably one of the worst things that she could have ever done. Now I was talking and dancing more then ever before! I believe I was about twelve years old when my mom finally got me a shot in my favorite pop star Selena GoFroggie's music video to Naturally. Once I got my routine I worked on it little by little until it was perfect!

The music video went perfect just as planned.   After the music...