We came to the question whether is it harmful or useful for children to watch Nickelodeon. What advantages for children’s entertainment have Nickelodeon comparing to other cable cartoon networks. What educational programs Nickelodeon has. How does this network communicate with its audience?
Nickelodeon is cable TV network – one of the biggest broadcasting entertainment companies. As every cable network it is very popular, from 2005 about 60 percent of prime time audience were watching cable. But only cable translation is Nickelodeon company’s specialization, but also internet online shows and verbal entertainment. While being very popular between the youngest populations of the worth, this channel is being watched by 471 million people in 161 countries, Nickelodeon has great impact on children’s development, behavior, thinking, learning and another stuff, which is related to children’s growing.
Having this network in their home, children tent to watch this channel. Why? The reasons I will put below and describe each, giving an example and impact of those reasons on children.
First of all Children like watching Nickelodeon because it is totally children orientated. How this priority is being shown off. Nowadays it is highly difficult to rise children being kind and good-tempered. The reason is more difficult than it was before is that we are growing up in age of cruelty and technology. In the Russian mass media even more often there are criminal news of the intolerable cruelty which carriers are minor children. And all publications not for no reason. Also law enforcement bodies are disturbed also, after all lately there was a sharp jump of criminality among children and teenagers. 10-16 summer teenagers kill, plunder, force, do heavy harm to health of the victims. A lot of broadcasting programs, which children can hear, watch or serf are propagandizing murdering, cruelty, and destructive social behavior. It is becoming less programs, which have positive...