What impact did the introduction of sound have on the film industry at the levels of production, distribution and exhibition?

Due to the increase of advance technologies there were many changes towards Hollywood film industry during the late 1800s and early 1900s. One of the largest impacts was the introduction of sound in the film industry; with the drastic changes it highly affected on the actors/actresses, the production crew and brought new emotions towards the audiences.
History of film has been dominated by the discoveries and the testing’s of the paradoxes inherent in the medium itself. Films started with the machines recording still photographs to give continuous motions. The motion pictures were then developed in the 1890’s . Then multiple attempt but the Lumière brothers were eventually able to produce their first film to the public and lead to many more inventors to improve such technology to the Hollywood industry.
Although there were multiple failed experiments of attaching sound and images together, the Warner Brothers Company effectively invented the vitaphone, which was able to record the dialogue and the music separately and played as the film went. Don Juan was one of the first Hollywood films with syncrinised sound. With such successful achievement the audience were pleased with the results thus leading to many more successful attempts of producing films with sound.
When Edison invented the kinetoscope in the late 1800s it permitted only one viewer at a time. Nevertheless each consumer was able to enjoy the short films alone and share their opinions later to their fellow companions. The newly invented technology brought the audience to share their emotions together with only a small fee to pay, thus allowing every member in all classes to share the experience. Yet combining sound and images together in a larger theatre allowed the consumers to communicate with one another as the scene is played thus not missing out on any information and...