I remember my dad telling me stories about the Jays. Back to back World Championships. Sold-out crowds. How long has it been since the Jays won a World Series? That's right, 20 long years ago. Today, the Toronto Blue Jays are lucky if they still have fans in the second level.
Last Sunday, the Toronto Blue Jays played another lifeless game of Baseball against the Baltimore Orioles at the Rogers Center, as another one their terrible seasons comes to an end. Probably a big surprise to everyone, seeing as how I could count the entire audience on my fingers.   A dull atmosphere kept the stadium deathly quiet, and left me feeling very drowsy. The smell of fast food was the only thing that kept me awake to see the slow paced game in front of me.
The Jays hammered home another win beating the Orioles five-two. The only problem was that no one was there to see it. I mean, I guess it was only the ordinary Orioles that were in town, but there is no doubt that the number of Jays fans has been disappointing all year long. But why has that changed?
Well, the answer is right above. We haven’t won a World Series in twenty years! In the time since we have gone from one of the best and most exciting teams in the MLB, to just an average, boring team that struggles to make is past the five hundred mark. In short, Jay’s games don’t have big crowds anymore because no one wants to see them.
Now unless you like seeing the Jays getting clobbered by the big teams, or like seeing us barely scrap a win away from teams that are hardly even considered an MLB team, then of course there’s no point in coming. You’ll be asleep before the fifth inning, and quite frankly, why would you waste forty dollars to sit in one of those uncomfortable chairs. It seems that Jay’s fans have realized this because Sundays game was so quite, you might’ve thought you had bought tickets for a Rogers Center funeral.

Another disappointing show up at the Rogers Center
We’re not good enough to beat the Rays,...