Disease in the News

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Disease in the News

The Bird Flu

Lisa M. Gardner

August 17, 2010

HCS 330

Rosita Rodriguez


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      There are millions and millions of news articles published about diseases around the world. The media attention that the “bird flu” has caused in the past decade made it of interest to research. The Bird (to Human) Flu Epidemic- If or when? Written by Scott C. Ratzan, MD [Use abbreviations only after writing the term or name in full, with the abbreviation in parentheses—e.g., Return on Investment (ROI), Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).]   was an interesting peer reviewed article   journal about the bird flu. What is the name of the journal?

      Scott C. Ratzan, MD

      Scott C. Ratzan is Vice President of Global Health and Government Affairs and Policy for Johnson & Johnson as well as Editor-In-Chief for the Journal of Health Communication: International Perspectives. What are his academic credentials? Mr. Ratzan has been with the Johnson & Johnson Company since 2002 and is responsible for Government Affairs and Policy issues related to pharmaceuticals in Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions as well as in global health initiatives such as HIV.   Previously Mr. Ratzan was a Senior Technical advisor for the Bureau of Global Health at the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) where he developed the global health strategy for United States funded efforts in 65 countries. Ratzan has published articles in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times and in academic journals. He is also a published author of several medical and health related books. Additionally, Ratzan served on advisory committees for the World Health Organization (WHO), the Institute of Medicine Committees, and has worked in...