New Jersey Architecture School

New Jersey Architecture and design school is a constituent college of the New Jersey institute of technology (NJIT). The college is located at University Heights Newark, New Jersey 07102, a 20 minute journey by train from New York City. The college comprises of two schools, the New Jersey school of Architecture and the New Jersey school of Art and Design. The college encourages it’s students who comprise of planners, designers and artists   to come up with new ideas and also exchange ideas between themselves, so as come up with new solutions to solve tomorrow’s problems. The college boasts of a world class staff that includes the dean, faculty and the administration that helps the students to achieve their level best.
The college has world class facilities that have been accredited by the relevant accrediting authorities. These include the Architecture student gallery; which showcases various architectural designs by students of New Jersey architecture school. The other facility is the school of art and design gallery, the gallery contains artistic designs created by the students. These facilities are both entertaining and educative to any individual who is Interested to use them.
The college of architecture and design (CoAD) admission process is quite different from the process utilized by other colleges.   All undergraduate applicant students to the school and those applying for the March program are required to submit design portfolios containing original works showcasing drawings, photographs, paintings, prints and graphic designs. The successful applicants for Artichecture School must purchase a computer for use in their first year while it not a necessity for the school of art and design students. For the graduate students who apply for the march program must accompany their portfolio, with samples of original drawings, paintings, photographs and graphic designs. The applications will be processed by the New Jersey institute of technology admissions office....