Exposing Nudity

                                                                Mark Offermann
      Human Sexuality
                              EXPOSING NUDITY
People are very judgmental. All human beings react to certain situations in certain ways. Mostly we Americans act harshly and are very closed minded when it comes to nudity.   Adults react to nudity the same way little children cringe at the sight of brussel sprouts.   I have my feelings on nudity also and I have to be honest, before exposing myself to this research, I would have to say that I was just like most Americans, afraid of the openness of our natural look.   I wanted to find out why we are so oppressive when it comes to our nudity and I wanted to find out what was going on in the minds of the people who are living the nude life, and see if they are what I suspect them to be, a bunch of weirdos, perverts, and nymphos. I sat back and thought long and hard about what these people are about, and the things I wanted to learn from them.   I am convinced that the men at nudist colonies have to be there for only one reason, and that’s to have sex with naked chicks.   It’s clinically proven that psychologically, men will get aroused by a woman in her nude form and change their ideals, morals and thinking. This arousal is brought on by the basic instincts of animals that tell them to reproduce (Hock, 2010).   I mean is that what nudist colonies are all about, quenching that primeval thirst for the first basic human need, SEX.
I needed answers to these questions and to get accurate information what better place to obtain this information then in a nudist colony. While at this nudist colony I want to hear their stories and find out why they chose this lifestyle and try to notice any perversion or any other sexual deviant stuff. The place of observation was a nudist village...