Get Out of My Life, but Could You First Drive Cheryl and Me to the Mall?

I chose the review the book “Get out of My Life, but first could you drive me and Cheryl to the mall?” by Anthony E. Wolf, Ph.D.   The reason why I chose this book is that I think parents would buy it because of the humorous title.   The target audience for this book is parents of teenagers and the message of this book is to help parents understand their teenage child and how to interact with them more efficiently.   Anthony Wolf is a practicing clinical psychologist for more than thirty years and works with children and adolescents.   He also has two grown children of his own.   Although there are quotes in this book, they are not direct quotes from his practice or his life, but fictional quotes of example of conversations teenagers and their parents might have.   This book has an original copyright date of 1991, but the author has revised the edition for the new 2002 copyright.   The author has gone through great strides to make the information up-to-date although I still think many of his views are based on Hall’s theory of storm-and-stress during the adolescent period. (Nichols, 2004)   Regardless of an overall view of the teenage years, much of his information does align with the most recent parent/adolescent research as I will show in my book review.
Book Summary
This book addresses parent/adolescent relations in three major sections of this book.   The first section addresses the changes that occur during adolescence and basic information for how to be a parent of an adolescent.   The second section focuses of communication and conflict between teenagers and their parents.   Finally, the third section addresses specific issues such as divorce, school, sex, drugs and drinking, and suicide.
The first third of Wolf’s book is about both the task of the adolescent period for both adolescents and their parents.   The task for the adolescent is to become independent. This seems to be a traditional psychoanalytic model that suggests that adolescent rebellion...