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Student number: 00185851
Location: Cargill India Pvt Ltd, Paradip Date of review: 6.07.2013

This inspection of the Cargill India Private Limited, Paradip was conducted on the 6th May, 2013 with the purpose of assessing safety standard and compliance with legal requirements. Cargill India is the subsidiary of gain US based agro food industries. Cargill India engaged in the production of edible oils and has its market share around 4000 tonnes per day. Cargill has its production plant in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Odisha (paradip)

Cargill India Private Limited, Paradip, odisha is one among the three manufacturing units available in India and has its production capacity of 1000 tonnes per days. At present the facility receives its crude oil from Malaysia, Indonesia etc through vessel and directly pumped to the crude oil tank located in the plant premises in the tank farm. The process is basically refining this oil and addition of essential vitamins A/D/E etc then packaging in various packs.

This plant has 100 staff basically for the supervision and administration and 200 contract worker on the role for carrying out various activities, the following section of the plant were covered in the inspection
- crude oil tank farm
- bleaching unit
- deodoriser
- heat exchanger
- refined Bleached deodorised tanks
- packaging
- handling packaged contents
- other various maintenance activities

Executive Summary:
It is true that the general condition of the plant is well maintained and impressive, as it is part of the US based. The accident statistics and the slogans and posters displayed will capture your attention and remind your family members. The approached road to the plant and the internal road and green cover along the roads gives feeling of...