Nebosh Hazard Questions & Answers

Practice Questions for NEBOSH Examinations – Hazards Style Questions Paper 1

The first question in the NEBOSH examination has a suggested time limit of 30 minutes.  
This question can be done either at the beginning of the examination, or at any time during the examination.   The first question is for 20 marks, with the marks for each part of the question in brackets.   A typical question for Section 1 is as follows:

Question 1

Excessive dust levels have been discovered in a workplace, the principal cause being the inefficient local exhaust ventilation system (LEV).

(i) Identify FOUR indications that could have highlighted the LEV systems’ inefficiency. (4)
(ii) Outline the factors which could have reduced the LEV systems effectiveness. (8)
(iii) Describe other methods of control to minimise levels of airborne dust except from LEV. (8)

Question 2

Outline necessary precautions to be taken when pedestrians are required to work close to vehicle movement areas. (8)

Question 3

Factory cleaning staff use a rotary floor polisher each night.

(i) Identify the associated hazards. (4)
(ii) Outline what control measures could be used to reduce the risks. (4)

Question 4

Outline precautions needed when maintenance work is being carried out in an underground storage vessel. (8)

Question 5

Outline the principal requirements to ensure excavation work is carried out safely. (8)

Question 6

With respect to work-related upper limb disorders (WRULD’s).

(i) Identify typical symptoms. (4)
(ii) Outline the factors that would increase the development of WRULD’s. (4)

Question 7

Outline what is required for a safe means of escape when evacuating a building in the event of fire. (8)

Question 8

(i) What are the principal hazards associated with the use of ladders at work? (3)
(ii) Explain how these hazards may be eliminated or reduced. (5)

Question 9

Outline the precautions to protect against electrocution when: